You have to love it

Heart alternativeIt’s that time of year again, and we are not talking about Pancake Day or Chinese New Year – but happy Year of the Monkey, anyway. Within any business, workers do physically whatever it takes to turn out the products or services. Other staff have the job of managing this. There may be, within the company, the people who own the business. They all share a common objective. Whatever your role, part of the job is to keep everyone else happy, including customers and suppliers.

So, spread a little love around the place. Put a smile on everyone’s face, then work to keep it there. Just don’t try to do this by sending everybody Valentine’s cards. At best, you’ll be in for some gentle social media mocking. At worst, you could be reaching for your lawyer and trying to fend off unfriendly journalists.

This is not just about the well-established fact that a happy worker is much more productive than one who resents the boss. It is far more simple than that. Who do you want to be around, a miserable colleague or one who has just received an unexpected perk? Would you rather have your customers dealing with a cheerful colleague, or one who dislikes their job?

You might not be able to arrange for universal happiness, of course. So, just do what you can. If you only have dealings with customer service personnel, do something to brighten their days. Or, if you only deal with the number-crunchers, spread a little joy around the accounts department. The very easiest folks to cheer up, though, will be anyone who drives for you. Imagine a situation where, every time one of your drivers stops to refuel, they gain a real personal benefit at the same time. This would not just be a Valentine’s Day gesture, but would carry on throughout the year.

It might sound far-fetched, but is actually incredibly easy to implement. Even better, the drivers would not be alone in benefiting. You would also feel the love, in the form of lower fuel costs, reduced administration and more.


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