It’s all about priorities

Old green bus

When it comes to running any kind of business, doing the actual work can be the least challenging part. The company was created, after all, because the founder knew about plumbing, catering, transport or whatever else it does. In any kind of organisation, the lack of bottomless resources usually means that the tough bit is making choices.

With the most limited resources normally being time and money, it comes down to a question of priorities. Which tasks are important, which are urgent, which are both or neither? Part of the challenge is that obvious solutions are few and far between. Often, the ‘right’ choice – if there actually is one – will only become clear some time after a decision is made. For a member of a trade body, luckily, there will be peers who may be able to help.

Maybe politicians should have a trade association. They certainly seem to need help from somebody when it comes to sorting out their priorities. They do have endless conflicting demands upon their – our – resources, to be fair, but some of their choices can seem a little puzzling.

Right now, our government has to allocate resources to the NHS, migration issues and countless other things. Many of these are issues of extreme national importance and many need to be addressed urgently. The folks in Downing Street have no ‘spare’ money, so we have to assume that any investment decision must be based upon pressing, critical need.

With no criticism intended, perhaps one might question just how politicians assess priorities. Right now, the Chancellor has decided, is the right time to spend our taxes on giving millions in grants to bus companies, so that they can upgrade a few vehicles that already meet every legal standard. You couldn’t make it up.

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