It’s a brand new year…

BlogJanuary is here, a time for looking back over the previous 12 months and forward to the year ahead. For members managing vehicles, current forecourt prices could prompt reminiscence about the cost of refuelling. Petrol and diesel costs have been dropping for months, through levels not seen since 2009, and this can only be welcomed.

The turn of the year, though, is traditionally a time to spare a few thoughts for the less fortunate.

For some, falling fuel prices are anything but good news. Some of the really big users still do things the old way, with bunkering or their own tank in the yard. This means that they are used to placing a very large order and playing a low price because of the bulk purchase. Now, they have to part with a huge sum up front, then see their bulk price beaten on the forecourts, almost before their drivers take off the filler caps. They just have to grit their teeth and take the pain.

At least such people realise that they are suffering. Some other folks think that they are benefiting from falling prices, not understanding that they could be faring even better. Worst afflicted are those who, in all good faith and innocence, have chosen the wrong fuel cards. Day after day, they assume blithely that they are making savings, not understanding the awful reality. Some members might be surprised initially by the reason for this, but would find themselves nodding in rueful recognition.

At this time of hope and optimism for the year ahead, remember that there are others, with less reason for good cheer. Be charitable. If you know of a member who has yet to find the right fuel card, point them in the right direction.

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