EmoMotion Fuel Card

EmoMotion -Fuel Cards for refuelling

The refuelling of your company’s vehicles is just another one of those everyday chores, so making it as efficient as possible, makes perfect sense. The more you reduce the time you and your team spend on administration, the more time you have to invest in managing your business. The EmoMotion fuel card is the answer you have been waiting for. A simple weekly VAT-approved invoice followed by Direct Debit payment replaces collating and checking all those petrol station receipts and credit card slips, your organisation will spend a lot less hours on fuel administration – and as you well know, saving time means you save money.

Emo Service

  • Secure online management, eServices.
  • Order new cards or cancel any existing cards, it’s simple.
  • EmoMotion fuel card management reports, compatible with your standard office systems, for total visibility of fuel cost information.
  • Monitor your CO2 emissions with CO2Count.
  • Calculate the cost of your drivers’ business and private mileage for tax purposes.

Emo Savings

  • Refuel and present the EmoMotion fuel card: no delays, no paperwork.
  • Weekly invoice shows every transaction in detail.
  • 24/7 online account access includes uninvoiced transactions. You always know where you stand.

Emo Security

  • Forget making drivers responsible for cash advances or credit cards.
  • Quality fuels to protect your fleet.