BP Fuel Price Guarantee Fuel Card

Fuel Price Guarantee is a NEW and unique way to cap the price you pay on fuel whilst still being able to benefit if prices drop.


Benefits of choosing the BP Fuel Price Guarantee card


BP Fuel Price Guarantee Savings

  • Fuel capped price plan – You do not pay above capped price for regular BP diesel
  • Diesel Price capped for an agreed period – Set for up to 12 months
  • Benefit from falling fuel prices – Your business can benefit from decreasing prices with regular BP diesel
  • Protects against regular diesel price increases – Protect more than 500 litres in multiples of 100 litres
  • Fuels protected – regular BP diesel only – Perfectly suited to small to medium car and van fleets

BP Fuel Price Guarantee Service

  • Convenience – Largest single branded fuel network offering over 1,200 BP sites
  • Partner sites – Access to Gulf and Texaco service stations*
  • Quality fuels – Fuels specifically formulated to clean and protect your fleets engines
  • Additional facilities – Great driver amenities with M&S Food and Wild Bean Café

BP Fuel Price Guarantee Security

  • Collect Nectar Points at a BP Garage – Reward your business or your drivers with Nectar Points which can be collected on every fuel purchase
  • Fuel price guarantee – Saves you money when prices rise above the cap
  • Stabilises your cash flow – Helps you determine and achieve budget targets
  • Profit margin protection – Helps your with your company’s competitiveness


*Maximum capped diesel price available at BP branded filling stations.