Fastest ever fuel card application from The Fuelcard People

Association members can now apply for a new fuel card in record time, using the online application service from The Fuelcard People. Members can compare the benefits offered by each fuel card, choose the right card for their individual requirements and submit their application, all within a single, short site visit. Every stage of the process, including selection from an unbeatable fuel cards range, is covered by the fast, simple service. If required, it offers real-time support from a fuel card specialist, via the online chat option.

Steve Clarke, group marketing manager for The Fuelcard People, said, “The whole point of fuel cards is to save money, by directly cutting fuel costs and saving customers time wherever possible. We have always saved drivers time on the forecourt and minimised administration time in the office. Now, we have extended time savings to the application process, while still ensuring that every customer finds exactly the right fuel card for their specific needs.”

Association members visiting the site can click to compare fuel cards, quickly enter their fleet needs, then see the results of comparing the whole market. They are shown the fuel cards offering the best possible combination of service, savings and security for their specific circumstances. A further click then enables them to apply immediately. A specialist is always available during working hours to give instant answers online to any queries.

Steve Clarke said, “There is no need for a new customer to complete any paperwork and wait for the post to deliver it. They do not have to pick up the telephone, or wait for us to call them. Every aspect of selecting and applying for the right fuel card is handled online with speed and efficiency.”

Online application is available across The Fuelcard People’s complete range, which covers every leading fuel brand. It includes cards that can be used on motorways, for tolls and on supermarket forecourts. The nationwide coverage takes in thousands of refuelling locations and eServices paperless administration is standard throughout the range.

Click here to apply online now.

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